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CCRC Float Flyin’ ‘n’ Lyin’

I didn’t make it to eWeek at Triple Tree as I had hoped, but had a wonderful time participating in CCRC’s first ever Float Fly at Lynwood Lakes development in Greensboro!

More photos here.


imageWe had another good Thursday turnout for “Flyin’ ‘N’ Lyin’!” Planes of all types were present including ducted fans, homemade foamies, multi-copters and lots and lots of Cubs! As usual there was some FPV flying going on, too!

Thursday is a regular day and is popular because the runway is usually mowed on Thursdays, but the field is open all week! I wouldn’t be surprised to see a crowd gathering on Friday nights, Saturday mornings, or Sunday afternoons!


The Tree Taketh, And The Tree Returneth.

Duet This little guy is my HobbyZone Duet. It’s how I get my flying fix when I’m not able to get out to the flying field. I’m happy to say that the Duet is back in the “hangar”,¬†after spending a night at the top of a very tall tree, despite my best efforts to get it down. A good breeze brought it down while I was at church. God smiling on me? I like to think so. The tree only kept the landing gear, which was probably what made it so hard to get down in the first place! Happiness