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Indoor Fly-In on Saturday, Dec 5th1

It’s that time of year (that time when flying outdoors isn’t always that much fun), and Captain Monte has arranged for another indoor fly-in at the Thomasville Rec Center, 37 Taylor Street, Thomasville, NC. Flying is free and will be from 6:30pm to 9:30pm! All pilots are welcome. There’s no charge and electrical outlets are available for sharing/charging. Slow-flyers and small multi-copters are great in this environment. Large/fast electrics are welcome, but this is a basketball-court gymnasium. Hope to see everyone there!


AMA Dues Increase is Imminent! Renew by Sept. 14 to Save Some Cash!

There will be a membership dues increase beginning September 15, 2015. Open membership will be $75 and a Senior membership will be $65. There will be an opportunity for you to lock-in your current dues of $58 or $48 for one year or two years. Lock in the current rate until 2018 if you renew by September 14! Click Here!


Thursday Night Flying

The flying season is here, so if you haven’t made it out to the field it’s time to get your batteries charged and make sure your aircraft are flight-worthy! The field is available any time but Thursday evening ‘Flying ‘n’ Lying’ is always a lot of fun! Hope to see everyone out at the field soon!

Central Carolina Hobby is NOW OPEN!

Central Carolina Hobbies, across the street from the old KC Hobbies location, has finally opened and they’re grand opening is currently underway! Below is a photo of the store. Apparently the shipping strike in California has delayed delivery of some merchandise but since the strike has been settled hopefully new merchandise will be in soon! Good luck to Central Carolina Hobbies! The shops phone number is 336-434-0900


Lipo Storage Basics

I don’t know the origins of the above graphic, but I found it in a lengthy discussion of Lipo discussions over on Below are the basics that I took from the discussion.

1) Lipo batteries lose capacity when stored at full charge. Ideal charge is around 40%.

2) Storing at cool temperature will increase the life of a Lipo somewhat.

3) Be sure to let Lipos warm up to room temp. before charging or using them.